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    *NOTE: Installer does not work with the steam version. Steam users will have to install manually. (see manual folder)

    L.S Traffic will increase the amount of cars, planes and boats. With a small increase to the pedestrian population.
    City roads are more dense. In certain areas there will tail backs and traffic jams. While in other areas you will have a free road ahead to put your foot down. Emulating real traffic flow.
    Highways and freeways have high traffic density throughout. Countryside roads being a lot more quiet.


    Settings: Go to the graphic settings and increase the population density slider to the maximum.
    Lower the slider to reduce density.

    Compatibility: L.S Traffic is compatible with any mod, gameconfig and game version you decide to use.
    Also L.S traffic will not need updating if Rockstar releases any DLC updates.

    Performance: As a result of exceeding the game limits. Performance will be sufficiently reduced. It is also dependent on mods already installed and hardware.
    If you do experience big performance drops. Lower the density slider in the graphic settings.
    I cant guarantee stability across the board. Users will have to test themselves to see if it will run.

    CHANGES 0.5.2

    -traffic has been slightly increased on players side of the road.
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