New Female Loading Screens Pack v3

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GTA V Loading startup Kate Upton v2 and Cute Police woman and Real Bikini Girl

After reading some commments here , i concluded that there are people who like non bikini woman loading screen and the other people who like bikini girl version.

In this update , i included a real bikini girl picture for anyone who likes another bikini girl loadscreen alternative.

If you like non bikini loading screen , you can use kate upton and cute police woman loading screen from this mod. If you like the bikini girl , you also can use real bikini girl loading screen from this mod. The option is all yours .

Install instructions :

1.Download and install open Iv 2.6.3, after install click on gta v(windows),then click on "tools".then "Asi Manager" install asi loader and open iv.asi
2.Extract the rar file using winrar or similar archiever program to some folder that you like,there are 3 rar files again inside it , extract those
2 files again to separate folders .
3.Start and click your open iv,then go to this directory "Grand Theft Auto V \update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages"
4.Now, find a file named "scaleform_frontend.rpf", open it.after open click on Edit mode on the edit button on the top menu of open iv !
5.After that, search for the file with name "loadingscreen_startup.ytd",right click on it,choose extract to your backup folder(you choose it by yourself )
as a backup file in case if sometime you need it again .
6.Now ,still on "loadingscreen_startup.ytd", right click on it again, choose replace this time, then replace it with loadingscreen_startup.ytd file from
the extracted files ( choose the Kate Upton or Cute Police woman or Bikini girl) after you downloaded and extracted the files of this mod .
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