Eye Candy ReShade and ENB Preset 1.9a

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This is an attempt at making gta look and feel bright and sunny. colors toned to be more to what i see in the real world. i just wanted to remove the greenish tint from everything and have it clean and vibrant. and as for the enb well the city nights never looked better, water reflections are top notch. and the chrome and car reflections are amazing.

the reshade+sweetfx2.0 and reshade+framework are seperate presets only install the one you wish to use not both. reshade+sweetfx2.0 is a simple reshade that doesn't affect fps if it does it's very little if at all. the reshade+framework is a heavier load on your pc and has more effects.

screenshots on the right of the mod page are now only showcasing reshade+framework click here for Screenshots of reshade+sweetfx
Installation: for reshade+sweetfx2.0
1: manually install the reshade+sweetfx 2.0 from here reshade+sweetfx 2.0
follow the instructions for manual installation DO NOT run the reshade.exe only copy the files from the download and manually place them into your gtav folder

2: install the latest Enb from here ENB v0275

3: copy the enb series.ini and enblocal.ini from my folder "reshade+sweetfx2.0/Grand Theft Auto V" to your Grand Theft Auto V main folder.

4: now copy the sweetfx_settings from my folders "reshade+sweetfx2.0/Grand Theft Auto V/Sweetfx " to your sweetfx folder located in your Grand Theft Auto V main folder.

launch gta and enjoy

Installation: for reshade+framework
reshade+framework Screenshots

NOTE: if your updating from eye candy 1.7/reshade+sweetfx2.0 you need to remove the following files the sweetfx folder and master effect folder, mastereffect.h, sweet.fx and reshade64.dll no need to remove the d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll, enblightsprite.fx, enblocal.ini or enbseries.ini just skip step 2 below.

1: manually install reshade+Framework from here Reshade+Framework follow the instructions for manual installation DO NOT run the mediator.exe only copy the files ReShade.fx, Reshade64.dll and the reshade folder and manually place them into your Grand Theft Auto V main folder.

2: install the latest enb from here ENB v0275

3: now copy the enbseries.ini and enblocal.ini from my folder "Reshade+Framework/Grand Theft Auto V" to your Grand Theft Auto V main folder.

4: now copy the reshade folder from my folders "Reshade+Framework/Grand Theft Auto V" to your Grand Theft Auto V main folder. merge and overwrite when asked.

launch gta and enjoy

WARNING!!!!! framework's ambient lighting does cause very large fps drops. up to 10 fps for me during certain times of the day depending on lighting. if it gets to be to much you can toggle off ambient lighting with the F12 key until a different time of day or location usually and then its fine. this is the only temporary solution until i can optimize the issue. if possible.

disabling unwanted effects in reshade+framework

to disable the effects you do not wish to use. go into your grand theft auto v main folder then open the reshade folder. "Grand Theft Auto V\ReShade" now open the GemFX.cfg and change the 1 in the following lines to 0 to disable them

ambient lighting

lens dirt effect linked to ambient lighting
#define AL_Lens 1

#define USE_BLOOM 1

godrays that are linked to bloom
#define USE_GODRAYS 1

Activation keys
scroll lock to toggle sweetfx coloring

F9 to toggle bloom "for reshade+framework only"

F12 to toggle ambient lighting "for reshade+framework only"

shift+F12 to toggle ENB

Screenshots taken using R*Hancher
Credits to Xilandro for this amazing timecycle mod


added additional preset for less saturation and vibrancy for Reshade+framework.
removed master effect from the reshade+sweetfx files it was basicly doing nothing in the way i had it being used. i made a mistake and thought it ran in addition to sweetfx from the main folder. this was from my error only and none of the original authors of reshade or master effect.

reshade+framework unchanged.
Screenshots using 1.8's reshade+framework

added additional preset which uses reshade+framework with beautiful results. features used in reshade+framework are

Ambient lighting with a slight lens dirt effect

bloom and godrays linked to bloom

ENB changes

ambient lighting increased in interiors and exteriors, spot lighting slightly increased.
now includes master effect.
Screenshots of 1.6
sweetfx changes: tweaked vibrance to get reds and blues to pop more without over saturating them. added hdr to give darker shadows, deeper blacks and brighter highlights.

ENB changes: tweaked sky intensity

Added optional presets for less saturation and warmer tones
Download for 1.5
Screenshots of 1.5
big changes fully reworked the presets to still get the desired effect and feel of 1.4 but more of a realisticly toned image without trashing the original image with over brightening.
Download for 1.4
screenshots of 1.4
sweetfx change: more minor adjustments to the gamma in shadowed areas at night.

Enb change: enb is now using the new lightsprite effect giving a higher definition light sprite coming from lights, and increased visibility range of the light sprites. making looking over the city at night just that much more pleasing.
sweetfx change: slight adjustment to the gamma in shadowed areas at night.
sweetfx change: minor tweaks to the highlights and shadows.
sweetfx changes: slight tweaks to coloring, saturation and improved blacks and shadows.

enb changes: water, car, chrome and window reflections slightly toned down. aswell as sky lighting tweaks and ambient lighting tweaks.

Crosire (ReShade developer)
Lucifer Hawk (GemFX developer)
CeeJay.dk (SweetFX developer)
Marty McFly (MasterEffect/McFX developer)
Ioxa and JPulowski.

ENB series
boris vorontsov

Rockstar games and the GTA modding community

GAME ON! ~Fedus
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