COD's RDE Config 2.1


This is my rde config be sure to follow insturtions below:)
dispatch goes in two places update.rpf/common/data...
and in your scripts folder:)

Optional five star response ini warning you should make sure you have a beefy pc before trying..
For Example I have alienware area 51 gtx970 4gb 4th gen intel processor and 8gb ram and i get 60 fps even with the five star response ini..
So use at your own risk... ALSO DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR FILES...:)

1 star police
2 star police but with more force
3 star police/iaa w heli
4 star police lose juristiction and they send in the FIB NOOSE AND SOME IAA
5 star army humvees!!! removed all police...

Version 2.0 srry for the wait... Slight changes to dispatch and 5star.ini see ini for details as far as dispatch 4 star spawns more feds 5 stars should spawn slightly more humvee (crusader)... Also changed some heli fire rates..:) Enjoy!

Version 2.1
Optional I tried to put in another heli in 5 star.ini but it for some reason just decreased the intensity so this is for those who want it a bit easier...:)
Also... dispatch added some more army humvees to balance this out...
Remember to Like And Rate... Enjoy...!
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