Ambient Riots Of Los Santos 1.3 LOADOUTS FIX

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This mod makes Los Santos & Blaine Country have never ending riots.

Unlike other riot mods, this one is always enabled.
Peds will fight eachother, cops and you.

If you get a 5 star wanted level, peds will runaway.
Peds are no longer coward, they will fight you even unarmed, they will be aggressive.

The plan is to make this same as the Riot cheat code from GTA San Andreas, where simply buildings would be on fire, police helicopters fly across LS and peds go crazy. In the future, i would also add Scripted Events and protests, however i don't know any scripting.


-If you encounter civilians, they will be aggressive towards you and other civilians.

-NOOSE can be seen patrolling.

-Military can be called in if you reach five stars.

Version 1.2

+Added Army vs Police version + Riot

*This will make the army attack the cops and rioters!

Version 1.3

*Police no longer charge at you
*Peds are now more aggressive, will fight you even if you are armed with an rocket launcer!
+Improved Dispatch System!
-Removed Weapons for peds (in a future release, i might add a script that randomly gives peds weapons)
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