War On Terror [Public Alpha] - (Menyoo & YMAP) 0.2

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War On Terror
Currently in public Alpha Version 0.2

This map is based on U.S. military involvement within the Middle East. The location Al Bakari. A fictional town somewhere within the Middle Eastern conflict. With no specific country of origin listed.

Currently, the initial Alpha release will not feature any peds or vehicles. The initial release is intended for people to get a feel of the map. To modify it if they so wish, to fit different scenarios. The map file consists of over 2500 props. A mission-based version will be released upon the final stages of the Alpha process. During the Beta process, minor touch ups and details will be added for visual effect. Then the full version will be released. Please note this is an on and off project of mine, so no official release date is present.

Currently, there are two parts of the map due to prop limits. To use both portions of the map, the files will need to be installed through the Ymaps. Pt 1 represents the main featured map and Pt 2 adds more details overall.

Please have menyoo installed: https://www.gta5-mods.com/


Please have YMAP converter installed: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/mapeditor-2-ymap-converter

How to Install
Read the readme

Known Bugs
-Game crashes while loading map
-Game crashes in rockstar editor when map is still open
-Floating objects including vehicles, debris and buildings

Tested with the following system (15-20 FPS drop for Menyoo & 5-10 FPS drop for Ymap).
-Intel Core i7 6700 3.4ghz
-Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb SC
-12gb DDR3

Future Updates:
-Add major forests around the region (currently super exceeds prop limit)
-Add a more accurate form of an outpost
-General optimization
-Beta release

Update v0.02
-Added new apartment styles
-Added more debris and destruction
-Added more cars and garbage
-Changed state of police outpost, now destroyed
-Added ambient fire and smoke

Update v0.03
-Added U.S. military outpost
-Fixed some floating objects
-Added YMAP

Update v0.1
-Overhauled map, so decided to make it update 0.1
-Removed U.S. military outpost
-Added more buildings/debris
-Overall optimization
-Removed YMAP (for now)

Update v0.2
-Upped props to over 2500 from 1900
-Created a second map layer for additional detailing
-Added Ymap
-Overall optimization

This file was created by Flavor Town/PristineAccuracy (same person). You are not allowed to redistribute this map solely without permission. You are allowed to modify it and re-upload the modifications if your heart desires. Please be sure to give credits to my account with the original link. Failure of this will make the permission invalid and the upload will be flagged.
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