Vinewood Hill Rally Stage Map Add-on


To use this .xml map you will need the Map Editor by Guardmaz https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

There is 3 .xml files in this download which are stage one. stage two and the full stage including both stages in one.

There is a kuruma that will spawn at beginning of stage two if needed, also there is another at the end of stage two.

I have made a video of the track here at https://youtu.be/W0yEUYhkJ1w

Copy the .xml of your choice to your GTA V directory
Once in game, open Map Editor with F7 and choose Load Map,
Then choose load map and type 'rallystage1' or 'rallystage2' or 'rallystagefull' and press enter and within 30 seconds max it will be loaded it is only few objects so will not cause any problems with other maps and can be run along side other maps with no issues
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