Taxi Business [Menyoo] 4.2


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A Taxi Business With A Window Washing Company, Coke Production Operation, Counterfeit Cash Operation, Stolen Goods and Waste Management Business

There Are 7 Versions Of This Map All With Different Prop Counts

(V1.0) 50 Props Version For Low End PCs
(V1.0) 100 Props Version For Lower Mid End PCs
(V1.0) 150 Props Version For Higher Mid End PCs
(V1.0) 200 Props Version For High End PCs
(V2.0) 226 Props Version Which I Personally Play with
(V3.0) 250 Props Version Which has added Additional Aspects Of The Map
(V4.0) 300 Props Version With A New Waste Management Business

V1.0 (First Release Of Mod)
V2.0 (General Bug Fixes and added aspects of the map)
V3.0 (Added A New Kitchen Area and Added In Some More Details Into The Map)
V4.0 (Added A New Waste Management Business)
V4.1 (Changed The Van And A Few Peds To Match The Theme)
V4.2 (Added A Few Details To The Waste Management Office and Added A Few More Garbage Workers)

You can see the exact location on the map screenshot
1. Install Menyoo and make sure its working correctly.
2. Move The XML file from the zip folder and drop it into MenyooStuff/Spooner in your GTA5 folder.
3. Once you have loaded up GTA V then open the menyoo menu
click on "Object Spooner"/"Manage Saved Files" and select the map you have chosen below.
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Először Feltöltve: 2020. március 2.
Utoljára Feltöltve: 2020. április 15.
Utoljára Letöltött: 23 órája

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 4.2 (current)

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2020. április 15.


49 letöltés , 3 MB
2020. április 14.


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2020. április 14.


147 letöltés , 3 MB
2020. április 6.


266 letöltés , 2 MB
2020. március 24.


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2020. március 2.

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