Secret island 2.5


This is my first mod ever so I hope you will like it :-)

Add the "island.xml" to your main GTAV folder and load the file with GTAV map loader. Or, add it to your autoload folder.
I have used the GTAV 1.5 Map loader to build this island.


To avoid collisions with other map mod, and to not waste space, the island will bi spawned on the top left of the map. (Location in screenshot).

There is five "block"
1- Illegal stuffs: meth, weed, some boxes.. (use your imagination)
2- Heavy weapons.. (from the carrier)
3- Bedrooms. (Your gang/secret agents need to have a rest right?)
4- Generators and maintenance. (We need power!)

One "control room" near the "bedrooms" (see screenshot)

The wall around it are supposed to "protect" your crew from the ocean!

I have made four level of containers to avoid huge waves when the weather is stormy ... (Merchandise will be safe away from ocean water :P)

changelog 2.5:

- Removed some props.(the weapons from the carrier)
- Added one more helicopter.
- Added peds: Smugglers and "corrupted" marines.(check screenshot)
- Added stairs to reach the roofs of the two highest blocks of containers.

Changelog 2.0:
Added two blocks of container: A room for "business meeting".(with a huge display)
Another one is a saloon, there is a sofa with tv, pool table, coke, beer..

Added stairs with fences and light.

Added defense systems (from the carrier missile+gun)

Added two cranes.

And a few more modifications...
(New screenshot available)

PS: The update file contains both the 1.0 and 2.0 version of the island.

Basically this should load without any problem even on low-end pc.
If you have faced any problem or have any comment please let me know.
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