Race Map Pack 1.0 BETA


Installation guide in readme.
This mod includes 11 race maps as addon:
Monument Hill
Ultra Nitro Track
London Drift Map
Nevada Drift
Meihan Circuit
Tokyo Freeway
Tokyo Docks Drift
Laguna Seca
Above maps got LODs (working even when spawned by trainer)
Its at BETA stage so i will improve it by adding more details, working lights and new maps.

All map converted and edited from GTAIV to GTAV by me.
Monument Hill -> Mechanic (GTAIV)
Ultra Nitro Track -> FreeZiic (GTAIV), KOHDYKTOP (GTASA)
London Drift Map -> Imtaj (GTAIV)
Okutama -> FreeZiic (GTAIV)
Nevada Drift -> Imtaj (GTAIV)
Meihan Circuit -> Seishin (GTAIV)
Hazyview -> Imtaj (GTAIV)
Tokyo Freeway -> metalwars (GTAIV), sergio (GTASA)
Tokyo Docks Drift -> metalwars (GTAIV), sergio (GTASA)
Tsukuba -> Yups13Iryu (GTAIV)
Laguna Seca -> Tanjes (GTAIV), ParoXum (GTASA)
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