Pro Survivors' Zombie Safezone [Menyoo]



An extra detailed zombie safezone, with very well aligned objects, for your zombie apocalypse roleplays.
The safezone embodies a crop field, an infirmary, living quarters, a kitchen, sleeping quarters, an armoury, cleaning quarters, a car repairshop, storage area and a gym to fulfill your survivors' all sorts of needs.

The inhabitants of this hideout consist of:
A doctor
A cook
A mechanic
A farmer
An engineer
Two construction workers
Three gatherers including you.

Here, you will see a little demonstration of what Menyoo and a bit of creativity is capable of.


1. A manually controllable main gate to prevent zombies and raiders/scavengers from invading your hideout!

2. Interactable secret entrance hatch: You can enter your safezone and hide from zombies and raiders with this unexposed entrance!
(Press F -the default "get-in vehicle" button- nearby the secret hatch on top of the hideout to get in.)

3. You can also use the ladder to climb out of the same hatch!

4. Emergency indoor lights working with EMP/blackout mods!
(Some clever Menyoo tricks again!)

5. Zombie killer car has also lights work with EMP/blackout mods.


1. Install Menyoo Trainer.

2. Place the "Zombie Safezone by The Majestic Noob.xml"file you just downloaded into folder:
...\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner

You know the rest.


I have some more maps with clever Menyoo tricks which I'm too lazy to upload.
A tree house with a working elevator, a villain hideout with secret "Open Sesame" style entrance and such. Soon I will be publishing them too (I guess).

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