Populated Vice V [Map Editor] (Outdated) 1.0

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It's outdated version. The real Vice City Alive already released
Please download Vice City Remastered instead (Created by Lunchxbles):

if you wanna install Populated Vice City [Map Editor]

Make sure u have downloaded n installed Vice V (by GTARandom)
(installation in Pinned Comment)
Map Editor (by Guadmaz)


-Added Traffic/Population to Vice V Map
-Added more Lamp/Street Lights
-Some peds interracts to each other
-Door/teleportal to Tommy Vercetti Mansion nearby Ocean View Hotel.
-Lively peds in Pizza Stack (sitting peds, chefs cooking, ordering)
-Added Gangs hideout (Ballas,LostMC,GroveSt and other).
-Gas Station with peds
-Peds in Airport (outside and inside).
-Added peds in yacht.
-Added door to Music Studio
-Every single part of area have peds & Vehicles in there
(not all areas because Vice City is kinda huge..
but im sure u already can enjoy because half of the city is lively
even in Interiors)

just wandering around please, if u lucky u will meet cops, golfer,
beach people, lamar, another peds & friendly neighbors :)

-U can enter the Malibu night club with Open All Interiors mod (by NewTheft):

& Bahama Mamas Party mapeditor (by DareDevilYT)
u can download here:
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