North Yankton Apocalypse

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This mod includes a large map of North Yankton - many years after Nuclear apocalypse.
During this time radioactivity was reduced and oxygen is clean. That's the reason why next generation of survivalists left their shelters and start new live in Nuclear Winter.

You need these mods:
Latest Script Hook V by Alexander Blade:

Menyoo PC by MAFINS:

Latest Simple Trainer for GTA V:

!!!Travel to North Yankton!!!:

Open All Interiors:

Installation: Put Yanktonap.xml into Spooner

For better scenario set: Blackout (turn on when leave the camp)
Cars and pedestrians off
Trainer Winter ON (more snow then)
Blizzard and Windy

Note: Survival's camp Gate is opened in stock, if you want to close it, select last object (Cult...) and switch into static.

Known bugs: In the future will be height of the rest trees reduced. Trees which are too far from the roads are a bit flying. If you find some others - let me know.

Map works as Ymap and can be used for Zombies too.

Have fun!
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