Nordschleife V Races and Traffic Paths [community races | street races] 1.01

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Brings NPC/AI cars/traffic paths, single player Community Races and Street Races to work on Van123's Nurburgring Nordschleife HQ map.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife HQ map covers a huge area and is a pain to make it work but it's worth it in the end.


Good fun racing with Realistic Driving V scaled topspeed with Faster AI Drivers for RDV mods. Or free-driving with supercar NPC cars spawning doing the Nordschleife run.

Community Racers: The player start position is random, so if you start position is not last, just wait for the whole field to pass you before you launch to give yourself some challenge.

StreetRacers: You start last but not for long?

6/2019: Updated Street Races race file

For best frame rate on my machine, I turn off all opponent AI's in the Adv Options except AI Anti-RearEnd and race with 12 opponents.

Can you win from last with full traffic, 12 opponents and only passing on the left as on the real Nordschleife track?

Installation: check the readme-install.txt file.

To jump to the race start location

1. Important! Use the Travel to North Yankton mod to get to North Yankton (For first timers, go to the LS airport and through the arrival gate to get there.)
On my machine I have to use this mod to activate/enable traffic on the track.
2. Once there use your favourite trainer to teleport to

4111.92188, -6562.31396, 625.563538

3. Use your trainer again to set the weather to Clear
4. You should see the spinning Community Races/ Street Races start icons
5. Enjoy the races

Credits/ Thanks to:


Release notes:
1.01 * Finetuned some pathing and Street Races waypoints for faster AI laptime
* Some screenshots to help with OpenIV instructions

1.0 Original release
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