New Families Gang 1.00

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Map Editor (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor)

Step1: Download and extract the file into your GTA 5 directory
Step2: Load the game and go to the marked location (the green path on the first picture of the mod)
Step3: Press F7, scroll to load map and hit Enter
Step4: Scroll to XML and press Enter, then type Rollin 50s, hit enter
Step5: Enjoy :)

A new set of the gang Families has been formed. Its name is Rollin 50s and it's members will be friendly towards Franklin and other Families gang members. They make money by: selling drugs, robing stores, home invasions. Lester is their associate, because he lives there and they are friendly towards him. Like any other Families sets they are hostile towards: ballas, vagos, the triads, marabunta grande, aztecas and they are neutral towards the kkangpae. Have fun hanging around their neighborhood :)
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