Challenge Course 1 v1.3

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A fun challenge course with windmills and jumps.
Use any vehicle you want..

  • Extended the course

  • v1.2:
  • Fixed a bug causing one of the ramps to spaz out

  • v 1.3
  • Fixed a bug
  • Updated file name and readme file

  • Installation:
    1. Make sure you have SimpleTrainer (v 2.2 or newer) by sjaak327 installed.
    2. Drop the .ini file in your main GTA 5 folder
    3. Start the game, and load the .ini file via Simple Trainer. (Simple Trainer menu-> Object Spawning-> Save/load objects from objects.ini-> Search for ini files in V's main Directory)

    (delete last 500 objects before reloading the objects file, or the game will crash)
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