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Welcome to the Democratic People's Republic of Blockistan, the northern neighbor of San Andreas! Ever miss those good old blocky graphics of GTA:SA? Well, this is like that, except even more blocky. But hey, at least it's visually consistent.

This is a whole new (absolutely tiny) island located way up north of San Andreas on the edge of the world. Building any further than this would seem to cause glitches and crashes. It's however outside the kill boundary, so you'll need a mod to be able to fly out there without your plane blowing up. Also, I would've loved to make it larger if it weren't for the long ass loading times and crashes that seem to come with huge object counts. 1274 props, 22 vehicles and 44 peds. Also, it's autoload compatible.

The island is largely made out of the very handy blocks from Map Builder by OmegaKingMods.

There's another map called Great Island by T3mas1, located right next to Blockistan. You can load both maps and have an even larger island, if your PC can handle it. (possibly unstable)




to unlock invalid objects


The coordinates are in the readme.
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