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- single player modifications is NOT HACKING , this isn't a hacking site-
-Please EDUCATE your employees-

download 1.5 first as the main mod after that apply 1.6 patch

-please consider donating so that we can bring High Quality map models to GTA V since premium 3d models are not free and I need to buy them, you'll get involved for the Credits-

7-ELEVEN is a known Real Life store in Asia, parts of America and maybe in different parts of the World which counterfeits the fictional 24/7 stores.

After more than a year many things has been done, and been possible through the success of codewalker and so I bring also here the success of this project.

Turn every 24/7 store and everything that says in the entire map of the fictional State of San Andreas in GTA V into Decent 7-eleven stores.

Warning: contains real brand materials, do not use the mod online and use it for non-profit purposes only.

Basic Requirement: OpenIV or Codewalker's .rpf explorer
,Winrar archive extractor

- Tools used -
Fbx converter
OpenIV- openformats

- DLC compressed package - 174 mb, original size is 573.02 mb
- Extra realistic 7-Eleven interiors
- sign patches for all 24/7 stores which with-interior and those which have no interior all across San Andreas.
- fake lights source
- new 7 eleven Billboard at countryside store near beach highway
*stand alone billboard which does not affect/share vanilla billboard textures*
- 4k advert billboard textures.
- food/beverages
* sludgie to Slurpee
* e-cola to coca-cola
* sprunk to sprite
* orang-O-tang to fanta/royal true orange
* e-cola lite to coke light
* pibwasser to Budweiser
* some liquor brands to american brands
* Rusty brown ring donuts to Krispy Kreme doughnuts
* Big Gulp cups
* 7-eleven coffee vendo

----Cubic Billboard must be a beta prop as it's never seen in the game, I just found it in the gamefiles---
- Located at Vineprint printing press - having 12 slots that can be customized 1 by 1 , where you can put whatever advertisement you want.

- 1 Liquor store converted to 7-11 with Budweiser billboard ads near auntie D house
- beautified 7-eleven signs

future updates: The future is here.

_______________________versions log: _______________________
1.6 - patch
- this fixes the missing store props glitch at south central store.

1.5 - Changed the title into 7-ELEVEN dlc
- fully included the interiors as part of the DLC
- fixed all LODs
- added/edited interior detailing
- updated the massive Big Cubic billboard's advertisement images at south central.

1.4 - added the Vinewood blvd store Interior
- added Lighting to the gas station sign at the Northern highway store
- added 7 eleven billboard at freeway near the Eastern store.
- added 7 cafe sign near auntie D store
- Vineprint into Hollywood Printing and Embroidery

1.3 - added the West Zancudo gas station store Interior
- fixed the Lights

1.2 - eliminated the last sign ad in sanora
- fixed the glass signs

1.1 - now bug free ( no more issue about any mods associating with custom_maps.rpf )
- added the ff big billboards at south central
1. Cubic billboard- which is never used by Rockstar that i utilized
(it can be customized by finding the textures of these advertisements and editing/replacing them with your own)
2. Double up billboard
- added 2 signboards at blane county
- Fully patched the 24/7 signs while retaining some emissive light.
- eliminated 24/7 logos at the desert
- Retextures of exterior ( removing 24/7 logos and changing posters )
- LOD/SLOD fixes

1.0 - initial release

1. with openIV while in Edit-mode, put the folder 7elevensignpatch(containing the dlc pack) to

\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks like drag and drop.

2. go to \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data , edit dlclist.xml and add the line below.

dlcpacks:\7elevensignpatch\ for 1.42

or dlcpacks:/7elevensignpatch/ for latest game version.

click save after edit.

3. Now you have installed the dlc. go ingame. enjoy!

-mod by me
-Vinewood blvd. interior opened by Momoj
-West zancudo gas station store interior opened by David Simon
-ymap adaption method by vagner-zn
-fake lights idea by memeriver
-dexyfex for |Codewalker 3d map editor tool|
-Neodymium for the Texture toolkit

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