Pangalan's Loadout + Outfit Pack [Menyoo] 26.Jan.2018

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Pangalan's Menyoo Weapon Loadout + Combat Outfit Mod Pack for. Version 26.Jan.2018. For Grand Theft Auto V on PC. Last updated 26 January 2018.

Adds my own personal black combat outfit from GTA Online and my weapons loadout, too, both for Menyoo. The outfit is mostly black and includes a modern "quad lens" combat helmet, either a black and white balaclava or a different kind of face mask (forgot exactly which one, sorry), medium ballistic vest, long-sleeved tactical shirt, black tactical gloves, armored pants and "tech" boots. The loadout adds all or most most weapons from both Story Mode and Online. Most of them are platinum, some are gold (the vintage ones to make them more appealing for modernists), most are upgraded with suppressors, extended magazines and optics such as either close-range sights or sniper scopes for long-range combat. The Mk II guns have black urban camo and white tints and most upgrades.


1. Install MAFINS' Menyoo and AlexBlade's ScriptHookV

2. Put Pangalan's Loadout in Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\WeaponsLoadout

3. Put Pangalan's Combat in /menyooStuff/Outfit

- Added the new "retro-futuristic" weapons from the Arena War DLC update including the Unholy Hellbringer machine gun, the Widowmaker minigun and the Up-N-Atomizer ray pistol
- Changed the Carbine Rifle's magazine from extended to drum
- Changed the knuckle-duster/brass-knuckle's design from Ballas to Hater
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